Bespoke jewellery and enamel

Why am I a  Jeweller and Enameller?

I am endlessly fascinated about how things work, their construction, and the puzzle of how they fit together. From an early age I made things and took others apart, trying a myriad of different techniques and materials before finally discovering working with metal. The reason that jewellery is so unique to me is that there are an endless numbers of skills to learn which makes it forever challenging and interesting. It appeals to my analytical and enquiring mind; a particular benefit when designing and making commissions for my clients as each piece of work requires an inventive and original approach.

On the journey to learn more skills, the one that has had the greatest impact on my life and my work is vitreous enamel. It is such a versatile material which allows me to create highly individual and intricate designs.

I also teach short courses at West Dean College, The Goldsmiths Centre and from my workshop. It’s always a pleasure to be able to pass my skills on to other people. Happy life!

Additional Services


If you have existing jewellery that you want to rejuvenate and update, or if you have stones from travels overseas I can produce bespoke designs to your requirements. 


If you are looking for one off items to be enamelled or small batches, please contact me. I also offer champleve engraving as well as enamelling


If you have damaged or broken jewellery or enamel please contact me. With over 30 years of repairing jewellery I offer ring sizing, stone re-tipping, pearl restringing, general jewellery repairs as well as enamel repairs. Each repair will be considered on its own merits and priced accordingly. 


I teach a varierty of skills from my workshop and at various institutions including West Dean and the Goldsmith’s Centre. If you would like to have a one to one, or one to two workshop in enamelling,  jewellery or stone setting please contact me. I also offer a ‘Make your own Wedding ring’ days .