From concept to completion

Bespoke jewellery and enamel

So regardless of whether you have an existing piece of jewellery you wish to remodel, or want to start from scratch I can work with you to create a beautiful jewel you will love for years.


Starting with the concept, i.e. What item of jewellery is it? A ring, a pendant, earrings, cufflinks, etc? Does it have stones? In what metal; gold, silver, platinum? Are you wanting to recycle an old piece of jewellery? I will discuss your requirements and produce several designs that fulfills your brief and your budget. Once the design is agreed I can source stones, as required, from one of my stone dealers so you can be involved in choosing the perfect gem for the design. The piece is then created from start to finish in my workshop, the only time it leaves is to get its hallmark at the London Assay office.

Timescale: Usually 4-6 weeks to allow for design time, making and hallmarking, though this can be negotiated if you are in a rush for a specific event.

Budget: Completely dependent on the design, metal and stones, but if you give me a budget I will do my best to work within it.

Deposit: A 30% deposit will be required once the design has been agreed.

If you would like to discuss a jewellery design please contact me.