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Hand Painted Enamels

Bespoke jewellery and enamel


To create an enamel miniature, a small metal plaque is formed, usually out of 18ct yellow gold, silver or copper depending on budget. This base is then covered with several layers of enamel either white or opalescent, each of which are fired in a kiln, to create a smooth surface to paint on to. Finally the painting is started. The powered oxides are mixed with oil to create the ‘paint’ and they are applied in thin washes over about 5-10 layers to develop the image, each layer fired as you go.


If you would like to have a miniature painted, then it is important that you have a good image for me to work from. As much as possible I am true to the original picture but I can add and subtract details on request.

TIMESCALE: Usually 4-6 weeks to allow for discussion about the subject, taking photos if necessary, and the painting.

PRICE: The cost of having a portrait carried out depends on the subject matter, i.e. a person, animal or other. The prices start at £400 on a copper base, increasing with greater complexity, size and detail required. .

DEPOSIT: A 30% deposit will be required once the design has been agreed.

If you wish to have an enamel miniature painted please contact me.